Hello! I am The Natural Beauty Lady!

Do you think that this page theme makes my carbon footprint look big? It is a little busy, but I love flowers, and the other themes were quite dull. Speaking of dull, how is your skin looking today? If it’s not glowing and radiant, then you need to ask yourself, when was the last time that you exfoliated? Dry, dead skin needs to be removed, so that your inner beauty can shine through.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall. It doesn’t matter. For gorgeous, naturally glowing skin, you need to exfoliate at least twice a week. But what to use that is not chock full of chemicals? If you are using something like Philopsopy’s microdermabrasion peel, and paying $70 for the priveledge of doing so, then you are also treating your face to a whole bunch of various parabens and other nasties while you exfoliate. Yuck!

You can get the same exfoliating benefits of Philosophy’s product, and that wonderful vitamin C by going to your kitchen and grabbing a lemon and some sugar–brown, raw, white. It doesn’t matter what type, however if you want to be organic about it, then use raw sugar and an organic lemon. Slice the lemon in half and squeeze one half into a cup of some sort. Add enough sugar to make a very grainy mixture.

Apply this to your face, and massage using your fingertips, for two minutes. Then just let it sit on your face for another two minutes. At the end of those two minutes, transfer some of the grainy goo from your face to your lips and doing a little exfoliating there, too. Rinse with warm water, and your skin will be smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Both lemon juice and sugar contain alpha hydroxy acids, those very acids used in drug store and department store exfoliants. They are called chemical exfoliants. The sugar granules are also mechanical exfoliants, meaning that they remove dead skin cells simply with the friction caused on the skin, just like those vitamin C granules in the Philosophy product. And, you guessed it, lemon juice is loaded with fresh vitamin C!

So, there you have it! Your own, homemade, vitamin C filled, mini exfoliating peel, for the cost of about $2, or less. Since vitamin C is a very unstable vitamin, mix this little natural beauty up fresh each time that you use it. If you have any leftover, use it on your hands. It feels wonderful, and if you’ve never exfoliated your hands, you will be amazed at the smoothness afterwards!

This completes my first post about natural beauty on my brand new blog. I hope that I haven’t left a sour taste in your mouth 😉 As time goes by, I will tell you a bit about myself, and my lifestyle, as well as explaining why you should toss your commercial make-up and skin care products in favor of a more natural, budget friendly alternatives. Relax. It’s going to be fun, and fairly painless!


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